296 maps - an incredible third RAMP! THANK YOU to everyone who participated and helped out!

How RAMP works

RAMP is a project built by everyone who chooses to contribute! Everyone's submitted WADs will be compiled into a GZDoom game based around a hub level, and the player will be able to more or less choose to complete the maps in any order. In each map, the player will start with only the pistol, so don't rely on the player carrying weapons or ammunition from previous maps.

Mapping guidelines


RAMP will run on DOOM2.WAD. Custom content is allowed, although bear in mind that it will be easier to upload WADs without it! Feel free to include what you like, as long as you don't overwrite any of the default DOOM2 lumps (unfortunately I can't support DEHACKED either). And if you're just beginning with Doom mapping, it might be easier to stay with the material in DOOM2.WAD for your first venture.

The textures of 32in24-15_tex_v2.wad and OTEX_1.1.WAD will be included in the project, so you don't need to do anything special to use those.

How to submit

Use the Upload page on this site! Submit a WAD containing a single map (of any Doom format), and the site backend will incorporate the map into the complete project so far. With the PIN you'll get the first time you upload, you can submit any further edits to your map you like.

Details on custom content

When you upload your WAD through this site, the uploader will recognize and include:

If you need more custom content, contact DavidN on the Discord to get it into the project.